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leeranw's Journal

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I'm a Barista with big plans. *Laughs*
I'm hoping to open my own Coffee bar some day, build a few cars, maybe design some exoskeletons...
Okay I admit it. I like designing things a lot, but really, I'm a Barista in actuality and none of my designs have been patented so truth first Dreams second.
I'm also a closet heterosexual because I've just given up trying to convince people I'm really straight.
Apparently making sure the toilet lid is down, attempting to maintain some sembiance of hygiene and enjoying making coffee/espresso for a living does nothing for my manly credit.
But hey, I can swing a hammer with the best of em. I'm no foreigner to car engines (or bike engines for that matter) I'm just not good at working on them. ^_^
I also like smart, strong women, that really confuses most guys. ("So you like dykes?" Yes and no, also, stop breathing my air.)